“I first met Sanya last year during the most difficult time in my life. I was at a crossroads; grappling with serious grief issues due to the loss of multiple family members, including my husband and very recently my younger son. I was expecting that Sanya would just give me advice during our session and guide me towards making decisions that would make me feel happy again. Instead, she taught me the true meaning of acceptance. I learnt how to accept my situation by fully feeling the emotions I was running away from and examine them with curiosity, so they no longer felt scary. She helped me identify the origin of all my issues, and through my time with her, I saw how I was letting my past experiences affect my present. She empowered me to deal with the challenges in my life. Her insight, empathy and wisdom are beyond her years. Her ability to empathize and understand very complex emotional experiences also really surprised me.”

Smita | Business Analyst | Melbourne

Sanya Minocha