“After six months of coaching with Sanya, I now have a better appreciation and acceptance of who I am as a person, my values and what's important to me. Sanya provides an open and safe space to learn and grow. With her support I am now able to trust my emotions, stand up for myself and take on challenges without being overwhelmed by small obstacles. I'm able to better love myself and consequently I'm able to better love those that are most important to me. 

Before working with Sanya, I found myself feeling overwhelmed by the smallest of things. I can now take an objective view to overcome small obstacles and to focus and devote time to what truly matters. Her greatest strength is her ability to distill what seemed like complex abstract ideas into something that was understandable. I also really appreciate her ability to read the room and my mood to guide each session”.

Nicole | Public Relations Professional | Melbourne

Sanya Minocha