Sanya was my work colleague before she started her spiritual journey and founded Kenshō Wellness. I can dare say, no one has so drastically changed my life as much as Sanya did. She shaped me to become a better person in the span of nine months working together and another six months when I signed up for coaching. When she left work I felt a part of me was lost and I felt unguided. Not only has she shaped me professionally, but also mentally changed my life for the better. I used to worry about what I was perceived as, always pushing myself to impress people until it was no longer healthy. It was always more about how people felt instead of how I felt. I bottled up my emotions and suppressed them, which was really bad for my inner child. Loving yourself is something that’s so easy to say but hard to understand. Even-so, Sanya has taught me how to love myself, love my inner child and notice how and when she's suppressing her feelings. She's also taught me how to express myself in a healthier way. I was always scared of doing things for myself because I felt fear, I always came up with excuses to stop me. Sanya helped me address all my fears and dug deep into why they have affected me and how they have shaped me. Now I am living a better life mentally and emotionally. I have made life-changing decisions for the better and I couldn’t have made these decisions without Sanya’s guidance. I highly recommend Sanya and received more than 100% value for the fees I paid!”

Jenny P | Melbourne

Sanya Minocha