“When I first reached out to Sanya, I was anxious, unmotivated, frustrated with work, and too scared to start my own business. Once we started our sessions, I began to see the effects of my fear on all aspects of my life, not just on my business, but also on all my relationships. The greatest benefit of coaching with Sanya has been the restoration of my self-confidence. As a result, I’m able to tackle problems with a greater sense of awareness. I’ve gone through a remarkable journey with Sanya over 6 months of coaching, and I am no longer crippled by anxiety. I’ve adopted healthier methods of recognizing and responding to it. It almost feels like an eternity ago when I felt lost, and unsure if I'd be able to achieve my dreams. Working with Sanya, I am now more aligned with my vision and understand that I am (and will always be) a work in progress. The difference is that now I know what to prioritize when it comes to fulfilling my dreams. I am slowly transforming into the person that I am meant to be.”

Sophia | Designer Director, Sofija Butler | Auckland

Sanya Minocha