People often inquire about the career path I've chosen. Every time I've responded to the question, "What do you do?", I've been met with wonder, and intrigue. So I thought I would take a crack at defining my role, based on my own professional and personal experience.

Let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Sanya and I'm a Life and Personal Transformation Coach. I work with individuals who are dissatisfied with any area of their personal and professional life; and those who feel they lack a sense of fulfillment or purpose.

So far, what all my clients have in common is that at some point, they started asking themselves questions such as:

“Is there more to life than this?”
“It all looks good on paper. I have great friends and a great job, why do I still feel so dissatisfied?”
“Is there something wrong with me?”

I stepped into this career after experiencing chronic pain from a tailbone injury. For 3 years, I tried absolutely everything I could to feel better. After hitting what felt like rock bottom and feeling desperate for answers, one day I came across the term "Metaphysical Healing". This was my introduction to the Holistic Method. This discovery guided me to look at the Emotional and Mental aspects of my physical problem. Once I started to address these aspects, healing started to take place. And everything changed! I was no longer just someone who suffered from an accident. I was able to address the stuff that was lying below the surface, and address the root cause, rather than the symptom. What I discovered was that at a very unconscious level, I felt dissatisfied with myself and with my life. I realised I was only living for others and experienced a deep lack of self worth. Surprisingly, this so called 'physical injury' was so intrinsically linked with my emotions and mental state, and occurred as a guide to wake me up and start addressing the fact that I really wasn't recognizing and valuing my significance on this planet. What I learnt was that a physical symptom is only the beginning and acts as a messenger and an invitation to look deeper. I learnt that everything is deeply connected and that there's so much more than meets the eye.

I learnt that dissatisfaction in ANY area of our lives is due to an imbalance occurring in our Body, Mind or Spirit.

In the body, imbalance can manifest as physical pain or an illness, in the mind, it can manifest as negative thought patterns, self sabotage or anxiety, and in the spirit, it can manifest as complete disconnection from our higher self.

Once I started to address my imbalance, every single aspect of my life started to transform. I've spent the last four years immersing myself in the world of Wellness and Holistic Healing, and ended up empowering, and truly healing, myself. Since then, I've developed a holistic approach to achieving wellness and success by treating Body, Mind and Spirit as one. Full of inspiration, I started a quest to help others to improve their own quality of life, to find their inner strength, and to rediscover their sense of balance. I am also committed to lifelong professional development; my training so far has focused on proven methods such as Life Coaching, Ayurveda, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Holistic Counselling.

I guide my clients along a journey towards mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being. While my clients are usually certain they want to change only one aspect of their life, the holistic method takes ALL aspects into consideration and leaves my clients feeling satisfied in all areas, as a result of addressing just one area.

I've made it my life’s mission to address a major problem in the world: The disconnection of Body, Mind and Spirit. I knew this was a major problem as I found it to be the missing piece in my life, all those years ago. Once I truly saw the connection of Body, Mind & Spirit, I knew I was here to spread the message and help facilitate transformation in others.

The holistic approach has many benefits and outcomes and aids with personal development in the following ways:

✧ Restoring health and vitality
✧ Increasing confidence
✧ Enhancing personal relationships
✧ Raising self-esteem
✧ Creating an inspiring personal vision
✧ Developing life skills to overcome anxiety patterns
✧ Self-empowerment
✧ Raising levels of motivation
✧ Gaining social confidence and self-assurance
✧ Practicing effective goal setting
✧ Creating a new perspective
✧ Developing strategies to deal with life’s challenges
✧ Overcoming procrastination
✧ Managing stress levels at work and in personal life

Contact us if you have any questions about the holistic approach, or head on over to our Success Stories to hear from some of our amazing clients who have benefited from Life Coaching.

Love & Light,