For so long now I’ve been drawn to emotions. They are after all, the language of our soul. Emotions are our response to life’s events and occur very naturally inside of us. As a child, I was extremely emotional, or as my family would say "too sensitive". What this meant was that I cried all too often, and wore my heart on my sleeve. As I got older, I was keen to discover how this could be a superpower instead of a flaw.

We’re all emotional beings, the only difference is that in some households it was OKAY to be emotional, while in other households we were shamed for it. When we're from a household where our own parents hardly showed us how they really felt and we were told not to cry because “Big girls/boys” don’t cry, the message that we got was “It’s not okay to feel this way” so naturally, we suppressed our emotions because our role models very indirectly and in some cases directly, told us to. 

Through direct experience, self study and tons of research, I found that on a biological level, emotions are simply electrochemical signals that flow through us in an unending cycle. They are released in our brains in response to our perceptions about the world. Every emotion is simply a signal, delivering a message. Their function is to guide us to survive and thrive. They focus our attention and motivate us toward a specific course of action. Each and every single emotion has a purpose.

What if our emotions could be a resource to us, instead of an enemy, or something irrelevant, or something overwhelming? What if they could be a resource to us that could connect us with ourselves and each other?
— Josh Freedman

Discovering the true importance of emotions, I started to weave emotional healing into my coaching sessions with clients, giving them the space and tools to integrate their emotions in relation to the specific issue at hand. In particular, I started to work with my client's stuck emotions and helped them release what was no longer serving them. The result? They felt a lot freer, experienced elevated states of joy, and were able to tackle problems head on, now that the emotional charge had been addressed. 

I recall leaving each session that included any form of Emotional work feeling extremely pleased with the results. What’s incredible about emotional healing is that it literally moves and transforms stuck energy from the body, altering the very sensation that was causing you pain (emotional or physical). 

To sit with a client in their rawness and vulnerability and watch them undo some of this suppression and process these stuck emotions is nothing short of extraordinary.

After receiving an incredible Emotional Healing session from a practitioner last week, a feeling of helplessness (something I’ve experienced for a long time) was radically accepted. You see I’ve felt helpless for most of my life. Helpless to pain, helpless to misery, helpless to decisions that I didn’t agree with being made on my behalf. And then recently, I felt powerless to my body. I only recently realized that it was a coping mechanism that helped me survived a lot of the uncomfortable emotions I had and didn’t have the capacity to feel. I’ve tried to get rid of this feeling for years, because it feels like the opposite of empowerment And I love feeling empowered! So why would I ever want to feel helpless? 

This session helped me experience my helplessness in its entirety to a point where I could see how consciously choosing to feel helpless and make room for it IS power. I found power in my powerlessness. 

That, is the power of Emotional Healing. 

This session has inspired me to further expand my services, and exclusively offer these Transformative Emotional Healing sessions to clients around the world, face to face or via Zoom at a very special rate.

What Can Emotional Healing Help With?

My approach has been successful for people moving through all kinds of challenges, including:

︎⚛︎ Fear
⚛︎ Feeling numb
⚛︎ Anxiety
⚛︎ Excessive worry, fear, sadness, guilt and anger
⚛︎ Physical Pain
⚛︎ Difficulty healing
⚛︎ Being highly sensitive (energetically, emotionally and physically)
⚛︎ Feeling “stuck” and unhappy
⚛︎ Negative thinking

When we neglect our emotions and push them away, they don’t just disappear. Instead, we end up accumulating them within our bodies over a life time. They keep gathering within our mind and body, and eventually they overflow. And this results in symptoms such as Anxiety, headaches and other illnesses in our body. 

For a limited time only, I’ll be offering these sessions for a special price. Book your session today and experience the magic of Emotional Healing on your body, mind and spirit.

Love & Light,