More and more people are becoming aware of, and using, the term ‘Body-Mind-Spirit connection’.

Do you know what it means?

If you’ve got more questions than answers about the Body-Mind-Spirit connection, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s explore what each of these terms means individually, and together.


We all have a body. It’s our physical structure; the vessel holding our brains, body parts, muscle and fat. Our body consists of roughly 50 trillion cells, which collectively organise our tissues, nerves, bones, and organs into our outward physical form.


The mind governs our mental and emotional aspects. It houses our consciousness – made up of our Superconscious, Subconscious and Conscious psyches. Our mind allows us to be aware of the world, and powers our ability to think and feel.  


Our Spirit is invisible to us, and to others. Its eternal nature doesn’t need a physical body, or need to conform to space and time. Instead, it expresses life’s creator– a Divinity, Source, God, or The Universe -  through the creative expressions of each and every one of us. An immortal being, our Spirit/Soul can connect us to something much bigger than ourselves and our five senses.


We now know the basics of Mind, Body and Spirit/Soul. How are they connected to each other? How does their connectedness impact our lives?

While Body, Mind and Spirit may seem to be separate, they are each intimately connected and reliant upon one another. When integrated, they complete our unique human essence.  

The interconnectedness of our Body, Mind and Spirit means that when we experience in one part, we experience in all three.

When we experience disease in our Body, our Mind and Spirit are also affected. When negative thoughts or fears occur in our Mind, our Body and Spirit also feel stressed or ‘off-balance’. When our connection to Spirit is frail, we may turn to our Mind and Body to find the answers as to why.

The truth is that each of our three aspects are always listening, and always aware. Our Body, Mind and Spirit are always present in each and every single thing that we think or do, consume or say.

Because our three parts are interconnected, every problem we address must involve all three. This process, which we call ‘integration’, is holistic. It is a returning to the original, natural harmony between our Body, Mind and Spirit. Without a holistic approach, we’ll always feel “off”, like there’s something missing. We’re also more likely to focus on the symptoms, rather than the root cause.

I think I get it, but what does that mean for me?

You’re reading this blog because you’re facing a problem.

At this point, you might think your problems are caused by external things. Some of our clients have said “It’s just that my job is too stressful!”, or “I love my husband, but sometimes, I feel like he really doesn’t care.”, or “I have physical pain, but no amount of medication or therapy has helped!”.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the secret: your problems do not lie outside of yourself! Your problems are similar to projections on a movie screen. The film that’s playing is a live feed of your Body-Mind-Spirit state. If you don’t like the film, you need to change this state. To change this state, you need to become aware that each of your three parts form one whole.

How do we achieve connection between our Body, Mind and Spirit? Do we need to climb a hill and meditate for days?

The short answer is no. While meditation is one of the methods to cultivate and strengthen your inner connections, it’s only one of many ways.

Kenshō Wellness is dedicated to helping people develop and nurture an interconnected Body, Mind and Spirit. We look at each of your three aspects, and connect them to the problems that you face, or goals you would like to achieve.

How do your problems and goals relate to your emotions? How are they shown in the body? How do they relate back to your Spirit’s path so far?

We can help you access these aspects within, bringing each of them into alignment. Once aligned, the world is our oyster! Holistic wellness helps us embody the kind of life we desire to live, and liberates us from our problems.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact us or if you’re ready to take action